Le Vélo du dragon


As the competitor of a crazy Japanese show, you have to cycle your way (?) on an exercise bike to shift the background so that the hamster you hold reaches the end, all while avoiding the dragon balls. And the hamster also has to avoid the danger 危 kanjis. (Told you it was crazy!)

Use your hand to catch those dragon balls!

Made with Love2D.

  • Left / Right: pedal, according to cue at the bottom
  • Up / Down: move hamster up / down
  • Mouse: move one arm as protection against the dragon balls
  • Esc: quit
  • P: pause
  • Space: begin / try again
Known Bugs
  1. The navigator version has sound problems, including laser sounds stopping at some point and music not restarting. This may be caused by memory usage (love.js uses a static share of the memory) and the fact that some sounds use multiple instances; as for music, it uses much more memory.
    I will have to look into it, since I had an optimisation idea while programming!
  2. In fullscreen mode, the keyboard does not seem to respond (at least for me, under Firefox). I suspect love.js is the culprit, as the itch.io fullscreen mode does not cause this, but the latter is badly centred because of the love.js background…

Creation context

Made for Mini Jam 114 with theme ‘Anime’ and limitation ‘Locked in Place’. (Running time: from September 2nd 2022 at 6:00 AM to September 5th 2022 at 6:00 AM.)

Started late (once again!!) because of testing for Brackeys Game Jam 2022.2, but I wanted to try out the idea.

The hamster from Freewheeling: Bossy Wheel makes a comeback!


Install instructions

  • If you have Love2D (or want to install it), the .love file is more lightweight and should be usable on all systems (see this).
  • The macOS and Windows versions (both ZIP files) should run properly; tell me if you encounter any problem.
  • There is no proper Linux version because of the variety of distributions, but you can use the .love file. Some instructions are available in the Love2D documentation, in case you need it. (I tried using AppImage, but encountered problems, while getting Love2D is easy, so the current situation is already reasonable.)


Dragon Bike (game jam).love 3 MB
Dragon Bike (game jam) (macOS).zip 13 MB
Dragon Bike (game jam) (Windows).zip 7 MB

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