Cameo Leon

It was a cold, rainy night… but not inside the nightclub, where folks were getting jiggy!

Still, I was looking for Cameo Leon’s henchmen. These guys are not square, so it would be easy to spot them… or so I thought, but finding such chameleons on a disco dance floor in a dark shady club turned out to be a real pain!

Should I make three mistakes, the bouncers get rid of me. I also had limited time to act. But… there seemed to be an endless stream of ever bigger nightclubs…

[Where’s Waldo?, with a twist.]

Made with Love2D.

  • Just the mouse! Light up the scene and click on the right suspects.
  • Esc: quit
  • P: pause
  • Space: begin / try current level again

Known Bugs

  • In the navigator version: the love.js fullscreen mode (using the lower-left button) seems not to have the keyboard respond (at least for me under Firefox), only the mouse; nevertheless, the fullscreen mode (using the lower-right button) works.

Creation context

Made for Mini Jam 115 with theme ‘Noir’ and limitation ‘Everything is Temporary’. (Running time: from September 16th 2022 at 6:00 AM to September 19th 2022 at 6:00 AM.)

This time, only a smaller quicker contribution because I am dabbling in Game Boy development (first time! :)) for GBJam 10. Reusing the torch from Enquiquineur (a shader I had in fact written for another previous test game in Love2D). Made in just a little more than a day.


Install instructions

  • If you have Love2D (or want to install it), the .love file is more lightweight and should be usable on all systems (see this).
  • The macOS and Windows versions (both ZIP files) should run properly; tell me if you encounter any problem.
  • There is no proper Linux version because of the variety of distributions, but you can use the .love file. Some instructions are available in the Love2D documentation, in case you need it. (I tried using AppImage, but encountered problems, while getting Love2D is easy, so the current situation is already reasonable.)


Cameo Leon (1.1).love 6 MB
Cameo Leon (1.1) (macOS).zip 16 MB
Cameo Leon (1.1) (Windows).zip 10 MB
Cameo Leon (game jam).love 6 MB
Cameo Leon (game jam) (navigator).zip 8 MB
Cameo Leon (game jam) (macOS).zip 16 MB
Cameo Leon (game jam) (Windows).zip 10 MB

Development log

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